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The following rules apply to the GMs of AMD WOW.
Failure to follow these rules could lead to temporary or permanent removal of GM status. These rules are subject to change as administrators see fit.

1). You may not kick/ban or reprimand a player based on race, gender, or religion.

2). Do not spam .announce

3). Respect your fellow GMs/Admins and rest of the WrathWoW/AMD staff.

4). When visiting a server that you have not been assigned to GM, inform the GM's of that server your GM name and what server you are visiting from.

5). Do not attack a player when you have your GM tag on.

6). Do not teleport a player to you or vice versa to kill them.
Example A: Tagging and going to an opposing faction city then porting several of your faction in.
Example B: Teleporting to durn and summoning a player from an opposing faction to kill them.
Example C: Appearing/Summoning (to) any player ingame whilst in pvp battle.

7). Do not party with an opposing faction unless it is related to an event or with another GM.

Cool. Do not show favoritism to players who may have been your friends prior to becoming a GM.
Example A: Helping your friends teleport to certain areas quickly and not helping anyone else.
Example B: Only answering you friends questions ingame when many people are asking for information.
A GM is meant to help everyone, set a good example.

9). Know your place and how much work you should handle, while your job is to moderate everyone, your main focus should be the faction that you are assigned to. Let Alliance GM's deal with alliances and the Horde GM's deal with the horde. Obviously if you are the only one on, it is your job to manage both sides.

10). Never share your GM acct information with anyone. This will result in GM status removal and a ban.

11). Do not discuss GM related affairs with players, Players that do not have business with certain situation(s) should not get involved.

12). Do not make promises to players you cannot keep.
Example: Telling a player that you can give them 5k WP, if you dont have a solid word from the server admin.

13). Never ask for a players acct pw, or any other personal information except for an acct name.

14). Always have proof before banning.


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