New weapons and jewels

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New weapons and jewels

Post  ReaperzZ on Mon May 14, 2012 12:35 pm

Hi guys.

I got wonderings about new weapons and jewels for non vip and vip´s!
Shouldn´t we have something nice wep than gold sword? Like a "Dragonbane´s bonesword" with 40k-43k dmg in stats and also make custom axe and mace!
And jewels for non vips and vips!

Just looking who agrees and wants something new! geek geek

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Re: New weapons and jewels

Post  Gflyhighgaming73 on Sat May 26, 2012 10:19 am

I Have To Agree with ReaperZ Cuz everytime i see non-vip ask for help to do instance for get better gear( And so many Vip won't help them out/some of them help but not so many ) new players can't solo boss alone t7 Gear is too bad to start with maybe add some t9 Stuff In Free gear Vendor for new players ? i think it would be nice if admin do it also add some Free ring in Gm Island for new players cuz there's not Ring vendor in Gm island. Smile
And yes!!! Make a new Custom Weapons And Jewels (better than Gold Sword that we have ^^ that weapon looks so boring for me xD)for vip And non-vip! Very Happy

We Wants something New!! bounce


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