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InGame Rules for AMD

1.) Hacking:
Hacking and cheating is strictly prohibited.Any kind of program that modifies the normal way of gameplay is considered a hack.This includes bots. Breaking this rule will lead to a permanent ban.
This includes Rosetta stone.

2.) Glitch or Bug Abuse:
A player must not abuse a bug. If a player encounters a bug,they should rather report it than abusing it. This can lead to a permenant ban.

3.) Pretending to be a GM or member of AMDWoW Staff:
Pretending to be a GM or any staff member is absolutely NOT allowed.
Breaking this rule will lead to a permanent ban

4.) Discrimination:
NO discrimination due to race, gender, religion, or sexual preference will be tolerated.
1st offence - Character ban.
2nd offence - Account and IP ban permanent.

5.) Insulting a staff member:
A staff member may choose how to deal with someone who insults them based on how they feel about the situation. This also includes attacking a GM who has their tag on. A GM must treat the player with equal respect that they receive. Therefore, if a player treats a GM rudely, don't be surprised when the GM responds with the same attitude. This also includes falsely accusing GM's of abuse, you'd better have some solid proof or you will be the one on the line.
1st offence - Up the the GM.

6.) Insulting players:
This includes such things as vulgar sexual comments, real life threats, comments about a players family members or discrimination due to race, religion, gender, or sexual preference.
1st offence - Character ban duration up to GM.
2nd offence - Account ban and/or IP ban.

7.) Sharing account information:
This includes selling or trading accounts. For those of you who lack the sense to figure this out, that means if you didn't make the account it's not yours... so you don't belong on it.
1st offence - The shared accounts IP and account ban permanent.

8.) Faction rules:
No player may be in party, raid, or guild with the opposing faction or may interact with them in any other way than pvp, or emoting. The only exceptions to these rules are during events when teams are put together by a GM.

9.) Boss rules:
A player may NOT attack another player while they are fighting a boss. You may not taunt, or attack them until 30 seconds after the boss is dead to allow time for looting.
1st offence - Kick/warning.
2nd offence - Character ban duration up to the GM.
3rd offence - Account ban.

10.) Killing starters and Fresher Guards:
Killing starters is NOT allowed. Starters = players who are at the base starting level for that particular realm. For example if you start at level 70 on a server and you see a level 70, then that player is a starter. If you start at level 75 then level 75's are starters. Not all servers have the same starting level so pay attention. Starters may only be killed when they are in opposing faction territory, they attack you first, or they are taking the flag. Starters my kill starters as well. If you are in donation, or one time gear you are NOT a starter. Fresher guards are allowed to be killed on all realms except realm 5.
1st offence - Kick/warning.
2nd offence - Character ban 24 hours.
3rd offence - Account ban.

11.) Character and Guild Names:
All Player and guild names must use standard English lettering only. Offensive guild or character names will be either deleted or renamed at the discretion of the staff.
1st offence - Forced name change.
2nd offence - up to the GM.

12.) ColorMe and Macro Coloring:
Changing color of your text with ColorMe or Script macro is not allowed. Doing this might lead into a ban of your account
1st offence - Warning
2nd offence - Account ban.

13.) Advertising:
Advertising any other server on forums in ventrilo or ingame is not allowed.
1st offence - Ban Account and IP

14) Class bugged talent:
Do not spec into Paladin's eye for an eye,
Deathknight's desecration or use spell penetration gem.


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