Yanneyepic/3.3.5 FOUR+SIX-5000%/Horde

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Yanneyepic/3.3.5 FOUR+SIX-5000%/Horde Empty Yanneyepic/3.3.5 FOUR+SIX-5000%/Horde

Post  yanneyname on Thu Jul 05, 2012 5:54 am

1). Toon Name: My whole account was banned. Yanneyepic

2). Server: 5000%Atributes Amdwow...

3). Faction:Horde

4). Aprox time of ban: Was not told

5). GM who banned you: I dont know

6). Reason of ban: I don't know reason

7). Why you should be unban?: I just woke up and tired to log into my horde when its says "This World of Warcraft account has been cloed and is no longer available for use." Now i was not banned in person i was banned while offline and i don't know why or who or for how long.

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Yanneyepic/3.3.5 FOUR+SIX-5000%/Horde Empty no longer play on this account

Post  tatinja on Thu Jul 05, 2012 1:47 pm

it mean that ur account has been frozend by the onwer the reson is : donnation hack or another reson of hacking

sorry yanney cant open that account again

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